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freelancer bitsandcrafts art

digital vagabond, analog dreamer, problem solver and talesmith

“The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. Because, if you can do that, you can do anything.” Guy Forsyth


digital | traditional | mixed media | storytelling

painting traditional
painting traditional
traditional | watercolors | coffee

painting digital
painting digital
digital | krita | paintover | speedpaint

animation 3d handdrawn
short animations | 3D | 2D | mixed media | Non Photoreal Rendering

sketches doodles
sketchbook | doodles | pencil | ink

character design | caricatures | 3D | 2D | concepts

pixel art
pixel art | game art | animation

3d modeling
3D | architecture | game art | design

bits | gamedev | itch | ludumdare | circuit bending

crafts | diy


Hi, I’m João. Been working across multiple mediums from traditional arts to digital arts such as illustration, animation, digital painting, 3d and game development. Always looking for harmony between the tools and materials my only motivation is to create.

bitsandcrafts artist about contact

Dreamer. DIY. Nature lover, retired hitchhiker and juggler, finding inspiration in the simple things. Hate pumpkin soup but love all others. Sound and silence captive me. Need art in all its forms to fuel my dreams and imagination. I like weird indie games. Self-taught.


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